Bonus Content

Thank you so much for preordering The Towering Sky! If you purchase a copy of the book on or before August 27, 2018, you will receive the exclusive, never-before-seen Mariel chapters that were cut from The Dazzling Heights. These chapters will be emailed to you on August 29th—the release day of the final book in the trilogy!

Don’t forget that if you want a signed and personalized copy, PLUS a custom Thousandth Floor makeup bag + lip balm, you can order The Towering Sky through Blue Willow Bookshop. If you order from Blue Willow, no need to submit your receipt below; the Mariel chapters will automatically be emailed to you on the 29th.

The rules:

  • You must provide proof of purchase and attach a screenshot or photo/scan of your receipt.
  • You can purchase the book or e-book through ANY retailer, US/Canadian or international.


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