American Royals Preorder Campaign

The American Royals preorder campaign is live!!

From now until September 2, if you preorder the book from any retailer and submit your receipt here, you’ll receive an amazing American Royals prize pack! This includes a tote bag, coffee sleeve, bookmark, and the Washington family tree (which I had way too much fun inventing!) 🙂

You can preorder from my local Houston bookstore Blue Willow Bookshop if you’d like your copy signed and personalized! Please just make sure to add your name in the “Comments” section at the checkout page so I know to personalize your copy! If you order from Blue Willow, don’t forget that you still need to submit your receipt, otherwise you won’t get your amazing prize pack!

Here’s a little more information about American Royals, for those of you who are curious…

I have been working on the concept for American Royals since 2012, a full two years before I started The Thousandth Floor, but I couldn’t quite make it work the first time around. I’m so thrilled that I didn’t give up on it. Many of you know how completely obsessed I am with historical fiction and especially with royalty. I think I’m drawn to the idea of “destiny” (characters who feel trapped but want to make their own choices are endlessly interesting! And it’s hard to create a sense of fate in the modern world… unless there is a crown at stake!)

There’s an apocryphal story from history that George Washington was offered a crown after the Battle of Yorktown. In the real world, of course, that probably didn’t happen. But in the world of American Royals, it did—and he said yes.

The novel takes place in the present day, when the rules have only just changed to let a woman inherit over her younger brother. This didn’t happen in England until 2013! Historically, the British succession had always favored male children over female—but the new law gave the crown to the oldest child, not the oldest boy. (Of course, George ended up being a boy, so we don’t talk about it much—but I think this is a big deal! How did no one change that law until only six years ago?!)

American Royals follows Princess Beatrice. If she’d been born a generation earlier, the crown would have gone to her younger brother—but Beatrice is the oldest child, and will someday be the very first Queen of America. As heir to the throne, she feels alone and isolated, even from her sister Samantha, the “spare.” But when her parents give Beatrice a list of young men suitable for her to date—who are eligible to marry a queen—the demands of her position feel suddenly unbearable. Her father, and the kings before her, have always chosen the Crown over their own hearts… but maybe love is a force powerful enough to change history.